Friendship necklaces for the modern, literary girl.

by Sarah


It's been 3.5 years since I left the state where I grew up & the only employer I had since graduating from university. (Sometimes I like to pretend I'm British.) I absolutely love Washington & Seattle but I left some dear people back in the Midwest. One of those good people, who I worked with at the aforementioned employer, is Jill. The frequency of our communication waxes and wanes of course, though Jill & I still stay in touch after all these years & I still consider her one of my close friends. When she was my plus one to my cousin's wedding this past fall, though I hadn't actually seen Jill in over two years, our gabbing proved to need no recovery time.

I found the soapstone owl bookends at some discount retailer like Marshall's or TJMaxx. I actually had owned the bookends for a couple years, but with the way I have my only bookshelf arranged the second lil owl was always kept hidden away in a box or behind a row of books. I knew Jill liked owls too, or at least she did back when, so I decided to split the pair and send my friend one end with her holiday package. While I was looking at these bookends, wrapping one up to be shipped 2 thousand miles away, they struck me as very similar to friendship necklaces. Forever separated, but always linked. You & your bestie can each have one end. One piece of a matching pair, to share. I think this idea would also be a great gift idea for a mother & daughter. Or a gift to give your significant other to keep in their office? Maybe that's a little too mooshy but you get the idea...

Bookends are much like good friends; they're something to lean on when life gets a little heavy.